Aicid music was born from AICID ENT. LLC in the year of 2018. the website came into fore wishing to help exclusive signed artist to reach their goals without having to take the ordinary way to get there music out to their family and fans without being robbed by other music aggregators. Now in the age of self publishing this platform was generated to scope a distribution system that will allow the listeners and users  to visit exclusive music from Indie artists developing their careers while also branching out to different demographics and locations around the world. The real story is too long to tell so the more the listeners come back and fall in love with the music and artist on this service website then our story will become clear, that our story is all about the love of music and reaching the masses to show the love we have for the artists, composers, producers, and the love of the game known as the industry.


AICID ENTERTAINMENT, LLC,  was formed in the year of 2017 on paper,  but the love of music saved the life of the owner that never gave up on his dream to make his daughters’  company name a house hold name of music and entertainment. We as a company and family offer our home and platform to other dedicated Indie artist looking to control their destiny in the Entertainment Industry. The company and platform is for exclusive artist that are invested in the firm of business controlling all rights and exclusive ownership to their intellectual property. AICID ENT, LLC, offers services in publishing, music licensing, music distribution, artist management consultant, entertainment business management, acquisition management, and artist development consulting.  We aim to please our audience and fans that will either be inspired or motivated by the music that this platform will give to you the user or you the creator of this “music vortex” universe. Please enjoy.  #WORK


Why Choose Us

Subsidiary business partners campaign

The companies that are chosen to participate in this program will be elite clients of dj’s, promoters, promotion companies, event planners. We are looking to team with music industry subject matter experts working in the field.

Performance Placement publishing leasing program

 Industry professionals and music lisencing directors must build in order to keep the creation of new works of art to hit the air waves through television, radio, and movies and whether the comapny is indie, international or domestic in nature AICID is proud to be a sponsor for artist striving to make their work be heard or for hire.

Business to Business marketing sponsor program

An artist can not work without marketing. It is the cornerstone of their revenue and music placement for serious performing artist. The companies that are looking to be part of this program will be building with exclusive artist and will enjoy being part of making dreams become reality.

Industry services for the working and striving artist

Aicid has  business relationships with indie and personnel within the music industry ranging with services from music Producers, distributors, videographers, podcast hosts, entertainment lawyers, and entertainment industry subject matter experts for your budget. The company builds exclusive artist and everyone has their own path to walk but we aim to get the artist the materials needed for their journey.



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